Cocaine Possession

Client charged with possession of controlled substance - cocaine. Client was allowed to participate in Drug Court with eventual pre-adjudication dismissal.

Pre-adjudication Dismissal

Sex Crime

Client charged with possession of child pornography and video voyeurism. Client accepted a negotiated plea, no prison time, 120 days in county jail. Was released early for good behavior. 

Reduced Sentence

Drug Possession

Client charged with possession of methamphetamine and paraphernalia . Dismissed before arraignment.

Case Dismissed

DWI Defense

Client charged with two DWI’s within one month. Client paid fines, costs, and fees. Participated in a substance abuse program. All jail time was suspended in both cases. No public service ordered. 

No Jail Time

Felony Battery & Threatening

Client charged with felony domestic battery and terroristic threatening. Both charges reduced to misdemeanors. 

Reduced to Misdemeanor

Failure to Appear in Court

Client received a ticket for a non-moving violation, missed court, and was issued an arrest warrant for failing to appear. Quashed the warrant without the client having to turn himself in at the Sheriff’s Office to go to court again.

Client Paid Only Fines

Family Law

Divorce with child support and allimony. Client obtained primary care, control, and custody of minor children and enough alimony to go back to school and finish her degree

Client Received Custody & Alimony

Contested Adoption

Client’s adoption was challenged, as the alleged biological father did not receive notice of the adoption. Case dismissed prior to trial due to biological father’s lack of standing to challenge the adoption. 

Case Dismissed

Child Custody

Modification of parental custody. Client is now the primary custodial parent of his children.

Client Received Custody